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Title: moments
Fandom: Inception
Characters: Ariadne, Arthur
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,268
Summary: Sometimes Arthur needs to be reminded to stop and enjoy what's around him.
[Written for i_reversebang , to accompany renisanz 's absolutely gorgeous artwork here!]
Disclaimer: Inception is Chris Nolan's world. I just like to play in it.

Thanks so much for renisanz   for providing the awesome artwork/looking this over so it's suitable for public consumption, and starzangelus and angleico315678  for talking through ideas for this with me!

The thing he loves about living in a resort town is all the hot girls in bikinis in the summer. All he has to do is step foot on a beach and it’s like he’s in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition that his mom keeps hiding from him.

Normally, he’s checking out every girl in sight, but this time there’s one girl that’s got him looking back at her so often he’s sure it’s got to be love. She’s been there the past three days, sitting on a beach chair, reading or drawing. While he’s not really into the intellectual type, for her he’ll make an exception.

She’s like that one goddess he’d learned about in school…the one that he and his friends called hermaphrodite behind the teacher’s back. The one who’s supposed to be really, really hot. The goddess of love. The girl…she’s just like that. She’s perfect, and he can’t stop staring at her.

She’s got a boyfriend. Of course she does. He comes by throughout the day but he never stays. The guy is one of those lame-ass suit types who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word vacation, like his dad. The guy doesn’t wear a suit, exactly, but he might as well be, so Tyler calls him suit and he calls her Angel, until he passes by the two of them arguing.

“Ariadne, this isn’t a vacation,” the guy says. The angel has a name. Ariadne. He likes it. It sounds, like…exotic or something. Like one of those Greek god people or whatever.

She laughs and he doesn’t think he’s ever heard a sound that pretty, and she tells the suit that she can work from out here, and so can he. But the guy doesn’t listen and he’s gone ten minutes later. Not that Tyler’s been timing it.

And it’s not like it’s the fifth time he’s run past her chair, trying to get up the nerve to talk to her.

“Ty, are you gonna throw the ball or what?” He tears his gaze away from Ariadne and gives Felix the single finger salute. He’s forgotten that he has the football and the rest of his friends are standing around, whining like a bunch of little girls. He’s about to toss the ball over when he gets an idea and runs up Felix and Leo.

Gesturing in Ariadne’s direction, he hands Felix the ball. “Dude, throw it over there.”

Felix frowns. “Why?”

Tyler rolls his eyes. “Just do it already.”

“Are you talking about the brown haired chick in the bikini?” Leo asks, looking over. He snorts. “Keep dreaming. Her boyfriend could wipe the floor with your ass.”

Tyler’s already jogging away. “Just throw the ball. I got this.” He stops a few feet in front of Ariadne, who seems too caught up in sketching to really notice him and watches Felix draw back and throw the ball. The ball zips over his head, hitting Ariadne square in the shoulder.

“Ow!” She looks up, clearly annoyed and searching for the culprit. Tyler shoots a glare in Felix’s direction and jogs to pick up the ball. He swallows nervously and the first time he tries to grab the football, it slips out of his sweaty hands. He clears his throat as Ariadne raises an intimidating eyebrow at him.

He smiles apologetically. “S-sorry,” he stammers, wincing when his voice cracks. He clears his throat again. “My friend has terrible aim. Hi.”

Her expression softens and his train of thought suddenly derails. “Hi. Just be more careful next time, okay?”

“Right.” She goes back to her sketch and he feels this opportunity slipping out of his grasp. He tries to think of something intelligent and smooth to say, like he’s seen his older brother do with girls. But all that comes out is a, “You’re pretty.”

Ariadne looks up again warily. “I…thank you?”

“My name’s Tyler,” he blurts out.

She smiles and lifts her hand in greeting. “Ariadne.” She turns back to her sketch and he knows that’s his cue to leave, but he shifts the football in his hands restlessly, curling his toes in the sand. He looks back at Felix and Leo, who are snickering at him. He narrows his eyes and, channeling all the suaveness he can muster, says,

“I—I was just thinking it’d be a shame to see you burn in the sun. I could help you put on sun block. If you want.”

She looks up, her eyebrows raised, a small smirk on her lips. “Thank you for the offer, but I think I’m set.”

“How about a milkshake then? To keep cool?”

She sets the sketchbook down a frown marring the perfect expanse of her face, then she smiles gently. “That’s sweet…Tyler. But I’ve got a boyfriend.”

“Right.” Not like he was expecting anything different, but he’s still disappointed. He turns to walk away, but not before he tells her, “Your boyfriend is lame. I just thought you should know that.”

She laughs and the sound causes a strange tightness in his stomach. “Why do you think my boyfriend is lame?”

Tyler shrugs and answers honestly. Now that she’s said no, he’s not nervous anymore. “Because you’re pretty. And if I had you waiting for me out here, there’s no way I’d be stuck inside doing work or whatever. You should probably dump him.”

She grins and shakes her head. “My boyfriend is a very nice guy. But I appreciate the concern. Tyler, just how old are you?”

“Fourteen.” He’s thirteen, but it’s close enough.

“You’re a very sweet kid. But I think I’m a little old for you.”

“Age is more of a superficial thing.”

She chuckles, tilting her head and asking him, “How old do you think I am?”

He didn’t really think about it because he was too distracted by the fact that she was pretty. He studies her then shrugs. “I don’t know. Eighteen?”

She brings her hand up to her cheek, drawing her knees closer to her as she laughs and Tyler is distracted by her legs. “I’m twenty-four.”

“Oh.” His eyes widen. He doesn’t think she looks that old. But it doesn’t matter. He still likes her. “I still think you’re pretty.”

“I appreciate that.”

“About your boyfriend…if you ever decided to dump him…you can always look me up.”

She smiles. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Tyler sees the suit coming then, frowning, and he fights the urge to run away. The suit comes to stand next to Ariadne, still staring at him until Tyler stammers a polite goodbye and hurries away, stumbling over the sand and his own feet. When he looks back, the suit’s eyes are still boring into him.

“That went well,” Leo says with a smirk and Tyler drills him in the chest with the football.

“Shut up.”

He takes one last look at Ariadne, who’s talking to the boyfriend. The suit is smiling down at her and she smirks before she hits the guy playfully in the chest. The boyfriend laughs and leans down to kiss her. Lucky bastard.

He’s distracted by the sound of giggles, and he turns to see a group of girls passing by. They wave at him, Felix and Leo and giggle again. They’re cute. And there’s no boyfriend in sight. He smacks Felix on the arm and nods in the direction the girls are going in and as he heads after the girls, his two friends fall into step behind him. Ariadne is soon forgotten.

“Was that necessary?” she demands. Arthur looks down at her and grins.


“He’s just a kid.”

“He was hitting on my girl.”

She rolls her eyes and smacks him playfully. “Your girl doesn’t date fourteen year-olds, so I think we’re good.”

He captures her hand against his chest and leans in for a kiss that’s over all too soon, then he grins against her lips, saying, “One can never be too sure.”

She pushes him away, but doesn’t let go of his hand. “Sit with me for a while. Protect me from wayward teenagers.”

“I should get back to the room, compare notes with Fermin.” Fermin is their extractor, and a damn good one, too. Not quite as good as Cobb, but infinitely more sane, which Arthur and Ariadne both appreciate immensely.

“Or you could stay. Fermin will understand.”

Arthur chuckles. “After what he walked in on this morning, I’m sure he would.”

She lets go of his hand, covering her face as a bright red flush floods her cheeks. “Oh God, don’t remind me. You said you locked the door!”

“I’m sorry, I thought I did!” But he sounds more amused than contrite and it makes Ariadne throw her eraser at him.

“You can make it up to me by staying out here with me for a couple of hours.”

He really does look regretful when he says, “I can’t. But after this job is over, we’ll take a proper vacation. A month, at least.”

She smiles and shakes her head. It sounded wonderful. They hadn’t really had much of a break since he’d whisked her off into the world of mind crime, but part of that is because Arthur’s not so good at vacations. “You’ll get bored.”

“Not with you to keep me company.”

“I don’t know,” she says teasingly. “I might be tired of the beach by then.”

“Who said we’d be leaving our hotel room?” He kisses her again before he goes, and she tries not to be disappointed as she watches him leave. After all, this isn’t a vacation. Still, as she turns back to her sketchpad, part of her wishes it was.

“When did you know you’re in love?” Phoebe asks her new friend. This whole vacation she’s been spending time drawing on the beach with Miss Ariadne because mommy’s too busy with Gary and Fiona made friends the first day, and she’d told Phoebe that she doesn’t have time for “stupid seven-year olds.” Never mind that Fi is supposed to be watching her, it’s not like mom’s going to find out.

And anyway, it’s better if Fiona leaves her alone because Fi can be mean and makes fun of Phoebe’s drawings. It’s better hanging out with Miss Ariadne (she’s told Phoebe numerous times to just call her “Ariadne” but mommy said to always call grown up people Miss or Mister).

Miss Ariadne likes to draw, too, which is why Phoebe had shyly introduced herself to begin with. That, and Miss Ariadne looked lonely, just like her. Even though Phoebe doesn’t much like sand or salt water, she does think it’s a shame to be lonely at the beach. And she wanted to know what Miss Ariadne spent all her time drawing.

Miss Ariadne mostly draws mazes or rooms. Sometimes she’ll let Phoebe try the mazes but they’re big and it takes Phoebe a long time to solve them. She doesn’t ask Miss Ariadne why she draws mazes, but she does ask her to teach her, and soon Phoebe is drawing them, too. Mostly because it’s fun.

Sometimes Miss Ariadne draws Mister Arthur, who comes to visit every once in a while. Phoebe tries not to giggle at him, but she thinks he looks silly in pants and long sleeves, even if he does roll them up. He’s nice, though, even if he doesn’t smile much. But he smiles at Miss Ariadne, when he comes by. He never stays, though, because he has to work, and that makes Miss Ariadne sad, though she doesn’t say anything to Mister Arthur or Phoebe. But Phoebe can see that Miss Ariadne loves him, so that’s why she works up the nerve to ask her question.

Miss Ariadne puts down her sketchbook and squints at Phoebe, and Phoebe suddenly feels silly. Instead of looking at her friend, she stares at her bare toes and wiggles them uncomfortably.

“Why do you ask?” Miss Ariadne asks. She looks like she’s not quite sure what to say, but at least she isn’t using that careful voice that grown-ups use when they don’t understand why a kid is asking a question. Phoebe hates that voice.

She shrugs. “I don’t know anyone else who’s been in love.”

“Your mom?” But Phoebe shakes her head. She loves her mom, but talking to her about that kind of stuff is weird. “Okay, how about your sister? I used to always want a sister who I could talk to boys about.”

That draws Phoebe’s attention to Fi, who’s giggling with a bunch of girls she met their first day at the resort.

“She’ll laugh at me. Anyway, I know you love Mister Arthur.” Miss Ariadne’s smile widens at the sound of his name. “So how did you know that you loved him?”

“Arthur and I are…well, we’re different than a lot of people.” She says it carefully, but she’s not talking down so Phoebe doesn’t mind. “Loving Arthur…It was one of those things that kind of crept up on me when I wasn’t looking.”

“But there had to be a moment that you knew,” Phoebe insists, sitting up in the beach chair, crossing her legs and looking at Miss Ariadne intently. “Is it when you saw him for the first time?”

Miss Ariadne laughs like she’s got a secret that nobody would understand. Usually when girls at school laugh like that it makes Phoebe feel sad and left out and angry, but when Miss Ariadne does it, it just makes Phoebe curious.

“No,” she says with a smile, “I knew that I thought he was handsome, but I thought he was crazy.”

“He’s not crazy!”

Miss Ariadne grins. “Maybe a little bit. But that’s why I like him.”

“Why you love him,” Phoebe corrects, and Miss Ariadne nods in agreement. “So did you know you loved him when he asked you to be his girlfriend?”

Miss Ariadne thinks for a moment, then laughs again. “You know, I just realized that Arthur never actually asked me. We were just…together.”

“So how did you know? That you love him? Do you get little butterflies in your stomach when you see him? Or do you get mad when you see him talking to other girls?” Phoebe shoots a furtive glance at her sister and her friends, who are now talking to a group of boys down by the water.

Miss Ariadne thinks for a minute, taking her sketchbook off her lap and turning to face Phoebe. “Those things certainly helped me figure out that I liked him, but I didn’t know I loved him until later. We were coming back to Paris after a j—vacation, and we were driving and he was holding my hand and humming along with the song on the radio and there was nowhere else I wanted to be, and I wouldn’t have minded staying with him in that moment forever. And I think that was the first moment I really thought about being in love.”

“So you knew you were in love because you couldn’t live without him?”

“It’s not about not being able to live without him. I probably could, if I had to. But in that moment I realized that being with him made everything better, in a way. And I could be without him, but the world wouldn’t be nearly as bright or as wonderful.”

“Oh.” That all sounded very complicated, not at all like it was in Disney movies or in books.

“Why are you so curious about love?”

“No reason.” But she can’t help looking over at Fiona and her friends one more time and Miss Ariadne follows her gaze.

“Do you have a crush on one of those boys over there with your sister?”

Since Miss Ariadne told Phoebe about being in love with Mister Arthur, Phoebe thinks it’s only fair that she tell Miss Ariadne about the boy. But she can’t quite bring herself to say it, so she just nods.

“Which one?”

“The one with in the blue shorts.”

“The blonde? Talking to your sister?”



Miss Ariadne sounds like she’s laughing and Phoebe is slightly insulted. “Yes. Do you know him?”

“We’ve met once. Something tells me in a few years you’ll be just his type. But for now, maybe you should think about boys a little closer to your age.”

Phoebe doesn’t want to talk about boys anymore, especially not about Tyler, so she asks Miss Ariadne what she’s drawing. Miss Ariadne picks up her sketchbook and pats the beach chair next to her.

Phoebe points to the sketch. “Where do these steps go?” She tries tracing them but can’t figure out where they end or begin.

Miss Ariadne smiles. “Nowhere.”

Phoebe takes the sketchbook and holds it close to her face, studying the picture. “How do you make them do that?”

When Miss Ariadne laughs this time, Phoebe doesn’t mind. Miss Ariadne takes the sketchbook from her and picks up her pencil. “Let me show you.” Phoebe likes this part, when Miss Ariadne shows her how to do things. It’s almost enough to make her not frown when Tyler puts his arm around Fi.

Later on Mister Arthur comes by with ice cream, making Phoebe feel a lot happier. He greets Miss Ariadne with a kiss and then hands them ice cream cones.

“I wasn’t sure what ice cream you’d like, Miss Phoebe,” he says, making her giggle. He’s the only one who calls her Miss anything and it makes her feel very grown up. “But if you’re anything like my girl over here, then I know you’ll like rocky road. It’s her favorite.”

Phoebe is pleased, because rocky road is her favorite, too, and she decides she wants to be just like Miss Ariadne when she grows up. And if she ever falls in love, she wants a boy just like Mister Arthur.

Well, maybe not just like Mister Arthur. As she watches Miss Ariadne frown at his retreating back, Phoebe thinks she’d like a boy that stays.

“Where are you off to?” Arthur asks as he comes up to the pair. Phoebe’s giving Ariadne a big hug, and she hands his girlfriend a piece of paper. He notices the little girl has a backpack and she’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt instead of a swimsuit. Phoebe wipes her eyes and looks up at Arthur solemnly.

“I’m going home today.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. We’ll miss you.”

“Me, too.” She throws her arms around Arthur’s legs and hugs him tightly. He’d hug her back, but he’s got ice cream again, slowly melting under the sweltering sun. Rivulets of chocolate are inching their way down the cones and over his hands. Ariadne stands, giving him a napkin and taking the cones from him, and he quickly wipes away the chocolate and kneels down in front of Phoebe to give her a hug.

From the hotel, they can hear someone calling Phoebe’s name, so he pulls away and tells her to keep drawing. Ariadne sidles over and hands Arthur one of the cones, which he in turn hands to Phoebe.

“I didn’t know you were leaving today, so I got you this.”

“Rocky road?”

“Rocky road. I hope your mom will let you finish it in the car or something.”

“Thank you Mister Arthur.”

They hear Phoebe’s name again and she turns to go, happily eating her ice cream. She stops halfway and runs back to where Arthur is still kneeling and she whispers in his ear. “I thought you should know that it makes Miss Ariadne sad when you go away to work.”

“I—she understands.”

“But she’s still sad. She’ll be lonely without me. If you stay with her, she won’t be lonely.”

She gives a sticky kiss on the cheek, then runs back to where her mom is waiting. Arthur stands and turns back to Ariadne, who’s smiling softly as Phoebe and her mom disappear from sight. “She’s a good kid.”

Arthur grins and takes a bite of her ice cream. Ariadne pulls it away and sticks her tongue out at him. “Reminds me a lot of you.”

“I only wish I was that awesome as a kid.” Arthur wraps his arms around her and she leans her head on his chest, and any attempts to keep her ice cream safe from harm are forgotten. “She really liked the Penrose steps. They fascinated her. She’s quick, too. She solved my hardest maze almost as quickly as you did.”

Arthur chuckles as he strokes his fingers down the small of her back, relishing the feel of her skin, sticky sunscreen and all. “Preparing her for a career in dream sharing, were you?”

He feels Ariadne shake with horrified laughter and holds her closer, not minding the ice cream dripping perilously close to his slacks. “Oh God, why does it feel like I was corrupting her now?”

“Hey, you didn’t turn out so bad, did you?”

She grins up at him and he places a quick kiss on her lips. “No, I guess I didn’t.”

“I should go.” He feels her sigh but she doesn’t protest, merely pulls away and sits back down on her chair, finishing up her ice cream. “You understand, don’t you?”

She looks up at him and smiles brightly. “Of course I do. And later tonight we can go over a tentative plan for your level.”

“You know I love you.”

“I love you, too. Now scoot.” Even though she shooed him away, Arthur reflected on Phoebe’s words. He snuck a glance back at Ariadne, who did indeed look a little lonelier without her constant companion over the last few days, and without him. But she understood. And when this job was over, he’d be all hers.

“Should I be worried, dear?” Rafael looks at his wife, who is smiling teasingly at him.


Penelope nods towards the woman sitting in the beach chair, absorbed in the sketchbook resting on her knees. “You keep staring at the pretty brunette over there and I wonder if I’ve got some competition.”

Rafael laughs, taking her worn hand, bringing it up to his lips. He places a soft kiss to their joined fingers. “You know I’ve only got eyes for you, my love.”

“And is that why you keep staring at the girl?” Penelope asks, brow arching in amusement.

Rafael smiles sadly and looks over at the girl one more time. She’s stopped drawing now and is looking out into the distance, the breeze sending her hair dancing behind her. If he still had the energy for photography, he’d have loved to photograph her. “She looks lonely.”

Penelope squeezes his hand and looks over as well. “I suppose she does. Oh look, she’s got a young man coming to see her. You needn’t worry about her getting too lonely.”

Rafael watches as the man approaches, and the girl’s face immediately brightens. The man leans down and gives her a kiss and he stays there and talks to her for a few minutes before he disappears again. With the way the man’s dressed, Rafael assumes it’s for work.

“And there goes her young man,” Rafael says with a sigh. “Young people…always wasting time.”

“Remember when we were young?” Penelope says with a smile. “You used to always be working, leaving me alone just like that.”

Rafael chuckles. “Well I was young and stupid then.”

“They’re still young. They’ll figure it out.”

Still, it doesn’t sit quite right with Rafael when he sees her on her own again when they come back to the beach the next day. The young man comes by again. Rafael can tell that he loves the girl, by the way he smiles and how he kisses her. It reminds him of him and Penny when they were young. But the man stays for maybe ten minutes this time before he disappears back into the hotel and Rafael frowns.

When Penelope notices this she stands and holds out her hand to Rafael.

“Come,” she says and he follows the way he’s been doing for the last fifty years. They approach the girl, Penelope clutching his arm and showing off her most charming smile. “Hello, I couldn’t help but notice that you draw. My husband is an artist, as well, and we just wanted to say hello.”

Rafael blushes. “Penny, I’m not an artist, I’m just a photographer. A retired one.”

The girl smiles up at them. “I would say photography is an art form. I’m Ariadne.”

“What a lovely name. I’m Penelope and this is my husband Rafael. Would you mind if we joined you? If you’re not busy, that is.”

“Please. I was just finishing up.” Ariadne seems a bit shy with them, unsure of what to say, but his Penelope is as charming as ever and soon Ariadne’s a bit more relaxed.

“Now I couldn’t help noticing your young man earlier. Shame he couldn’t stay,” Penelope says.

Ariadne laughs that off. “Oh, that’s nothing. He’s working. We’re both working, really, but I’m lucky enough that I can do most of my work out here. Poor Arthur’s stuck inside with one of our colleagues all day.”

“It’s sweet that he’s able to take a few minutes break just to see you.” Rafael can see that Ariadne hadn’t thought of it that way, and she smiles softly.

“I suppose you’re right.”

“What is it that you and your Arthur do?” Penelope asks.

“He’s a…researcher. And I’m an architect.” Rafael notices the slight hesitation but says nothing. “So what kind of photography did you do, Rafael?”

They talk for a long time about photography and architecture. Rafael did a lot of photography for travel guides and magazines, and he knows a lot about historical buildings and architecture, and he knows that Ariadne appreciates that. She’s polite and respectful, but very interesting. If Rafael and Penelope had been blessed with children, he thinks he’d have liked them to be just like her. Later, as the sun sets, Rafael and Penelope invite Ariadne and her Arthur for dinner, but Ariadne politely declines.

“Perhaps another day. Arthur’s got a dinner meeting. But thank you.”

The next day, Rafael stays in to nap while Penelope goes out to the beach. She comes back smiling.

“I talked to Ariadne. She’s a very sweet girl. It’s a shame her young man is so busy.”

“Did he come by again?” Rafael asks from his place on the bed.

“Yes indeed,” Penelope says, coming to lay down next to him. She curls up against his side and yawns. “He was very polite, but very serious. They’re an interesting match. You can tell he really does love her.”

She’s exhausted and already drifting off into sleep, so he doesn’t respond and lets her rest. He feels her breathing, even and deep, and holds her tightly. But his mind is still on Ariadne and her Arthur.

Later, while Penelope sleeps in their room, Rafael goes down to the lobby to get them some dinner. It’s by chance, really, that he gets a chance to speak to Ariadne’s young man. It’s Ariadne he notices first as she places a kiss to the man—Arthur’s—forehead and leaves Arthur sitting there by himself, nursing his coffee and taking notes.

Rafael seizes his chance and walks slowly over to Arthur’s table. He sees Arthur tense and close his notebook the moment he realizes someone’s coming towards him, but relaxes slightly when Rafael sits down across from him.

“You must be Arthur,” Rafael says, even though he knows very well who he is.

Penelope was right; Arthur is very serious, his eyes guarded and his face schooled into an expression of careful indifference. “I am, sir. Can I help you?”

“My name is Rafael. I met your Ariadne the other day.” Rafael notices the slight grin that flashes across Arthur’s face at the sound of her name and he nods in satisfaction. That’s how it should be.

“Right. Ariadne’s mentioned you. I met your wife today. She’s lovely.”

“That she is,” Rafael says with a grin of his own. “I want to talk to you about your lady friend, if I may.”

“What about Ariadne?”

“I do believe she’s lonely. I do understand that you’re working, son, but it wouldn’t kill you to take a day off and spend some time with her. Especially in a place like this.”

Arthur seems to be at a loss, which Rafael can tell is something that doesn’t happen to him often. Finally the younger man says, “We’re working. There’ll be time later.”

“But there won’t be this time or this moment,” Rafael insists. “Work is most certainly important but there are other things that mean more. Like your Ariadne.”

“Ariadne does mean more to me than work,” Arthur protests but Rafael just speaks over him.

“My wife and I have had fifty beautiful years together, and even if we had fifty more, it would never be enough. If you love her—and I can see that you do—make every moment count.”

“Arthur, Ariadne said you were—Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were busy.” Rafael looks up to see a young dark skinned man standing next to the table. He’s dressed much the same way that Arthur is, and Rafael tries not to tut.

“I was just leaving. You think about what I said, son.”

Arthur nods, looking like he’s not quite sure what just hit him. “I will, sir.”

Rafael smiles in satisfaction as he walks away. It’s only when he gets back up to their hotel room that Rafael realizes that he forgot dinner, but he shrugs. It’s worth it, he thinks. And there’s no harm in treating themselves to room service just this once.

The next day when Rafael and Penelope came out to the beach, he’s disappointed to note that Ariadne is once again by herself, sketching away. A few minutes later, however, he grins as he sees Arthur come out in swim trunks and sunglasses, a towel draped over his arm.

Arthur sneaks up on Ariadne, coming up behind her chair and snatching up her sketchbook, placing a soft kiss on top of her head. She looks up, seeing his face a few inches from hers and smiles in delight.

“How nice,” Penelope says as she notices Arthur coming to sit down next to Ariadne. The girl moves to get him another chair but he shakes his head and crawls into the chair next to her.

Rafael smiles. He can stop worrying about Ariadne and her young man now. He turns back to his wife, kissing her gently and taking her hand.

“So what are you doing out here?” Ariadne asks, playing with Arthur’s fingers where they’re linked with hers. “You said you wanted to get in at least two more weeks of research and shadowing.”

“I thought it was time for a break.”

She sits up and feels his forehead. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Smart ass,” he says, grabbing her hand and pulling her back down to his side.

“This is nice,” she says resting her head in the crook of his neck. “I’m glad you came out today. I have to start making models tomorrow so that means no more beach for me for a while. Where’s Fermin?”

“Taking the day off, too. Far, far away from the hotel. He doesn’t want a repeat of that one morning—“

She slaps him on the chest. “Do you have to keep bringing that up?”

“It was a great moment.”

She turns, brushing her lips against his chin. “So is this one.”


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Apr. 18th, 2011 06:49 am (UTC)
All righty. Let's get down to the compliments, yeah? I loved this! Especially this,

“I wasn’t sure what ice cream you’d like, Miss Phoebe,” he says, making her giggle. He’s the only one who calls her Miss anything and it makes her feel very grown up. “But if you’re anything like my girl over here, then I know you’ll like rocky road. It’s her favorite.”

Phoebe is pleased, because rocky road is her favorite, too, and she decides she wants to be just like Miss Ariadne when she grows up. And if she ever falls in love, she wants a boy just like Mister Arthur.

Well, maybe not just like Mister Arthur. As she watches Miss Ariadne frown at his retreating back, Phoebe thinks she’d like a boy that stays.

I would italicize, but I'm on an iPhone and italics is the one thing it doesn't do (that's a load of BS, btw). I thought it was very sweet that all those people were telling Arthur about how lonely Ariadne is. I loved Rafael and Penny, but Phoebe was my favorite for sure! Twas a wonderful read!
Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:21 am (UTC)
You are seriously the nicest. I'm glad you enjoyed this, too <3 I wasn't sure how to write a seven year old, but it was definitely fun trying so I'm happy that you enjoyed that part! (and hehe, silly iPhones :p)

p.s. TOTALLY love your icon! I don't actually watch GG, but I'm kind of in love with Dan/Blair and the end of that episode! They were just...<3
Apr. 18th, 2011 04:44 pm (UTC)
At first I thought it was an AU and that Arthur was the lad ogling all the girls in bikinis. :)

But I like the way that you tell the majority of this through the eyes of OCs of all ages - it works well.

And I'm glad Arthur did finally decide to take a day off.
Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:23 am (UTC)
Oh geez, now I kind of want to write that AU :p

And thank you! I'm glad you liked the different POVs! I've definitely been in an "Arthur/Ariadne through other peoples' POV" phase (I think roughly half my Inception fics are structured like that :p)

Thanks so much for commenting <3
Apr. 19th, 2011 02:19 am (UTC)
This is such a lovely story!

I like seeing Arthur and Ariadne from the POV of outsiders. They see the relationship for what it is, and it's great to see them through their eyes.

Not to mention, it's great that Arthur finally took a day off to be with Ariadne. :)
Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:24 am (UTC)
Thank you!! I've done a few stories where A/A have been observed by team members but this is the first time I've ventured outside of that, and I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

Thanks so much for commenting!
Apr. 19th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)
Super cute! Can't believe Arthur actually needed convincing to spend more time with Ariadne.

Ooh and I loved how this matched up with the art too!

P.S: Really curious about "that one morning" now.. :D
Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:25 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it and thanks so much for commenting!
Apr. 22nd, 2011 05:25 am (UTC)
Aww! I really enjoyed seeing Arthur and Ariadne's relationship from several different povs. Wonderful job with your ocs there.:)

Glad Arthur listened to Rafael's advice and took some time off to be with his girl *now*. And it was nice of Phoebe, Rafael and Penelope to keep Ariadne company so she wouldn't be too lonely while she was missing Arthur every day.:)

Thanks for posting. This was very sweet.:D

Apr. 22nd, 2011 05:58 am (UTC)
Beautiful. :D
Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:53 pm (UTC)
This is great! I'm a sucker for little kids and the oldies. Well done!
May. 3rd, 2011 02:52 am (UTC)
ahhh, i loved this! this was adorbale. i loved reading about their relationship from the POVs of others. i love these two so much. *sigh* amazing job! :o)
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